Nametrans rules

Rainer Krug r.m.krug at
Sat Mar 2 08:57:51 GMT 2013

I just want to make sure - are these nametrans rules correct, as on
gmail side has / as a path separator and the local . ?

See selected output from --info:

gmail account:
Remote repository 'RemoteRMKrugGMAIL': type 'Gmail'

folderfilter= lambda folder: folder.startswith('GMAILArchive')
nametrans= lambda foldername: 'RMKrugGMAIL.' + foldername

GMAILArchive -> RMKrugGMAIL.GMAILArchive
GMAILArchive/1970 -> RMKrugGMAIL.GMAILArchive/1970

local imap accound (dovecot)
Local repository 'LocalRMKrugGMAIL': type 'MappedIMAP'

RMKrugGMAIL.GMAILArchive -> GMAILArchive
RMKrugGMAIL.GMAILArchive.1970 -> GMAILArchive.1970



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