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Wed May 1 04:05:40 BST 2013


I am using offlineimap since few days only. But it helps me a lot. 
Thanks for this great job.

I am running two accounts, on two differents remote server.
The first one is running perfectly.
The second one (managed by is not. During the 
synchronisation, I am receiving what is on the remote, but he other way, 
nothing is done. Thus the sent message from local server are not copied 
to the remote, the moved message on local are not moved on the remote, 
even the read message on the local still appear as "not read" on the 
remote server. I guess it could come from the offlineimap config or the 
remote server config. I don't think it comes from the offlineimap config 
as it is the same than for the other account, only the server names and 
password change. As the synchro is done in one way, that means the 
connexion is done anyway. But maybe I am missing something here.
If it is coming from the remote server config, do you have any idea of 
what it could be? I don't have access to the log of the server, but I 
may ask for a small parameter change if I am clear in my request.

I suspect a read-only parameter in the remote server on some folder as 
the debug mode of offlineimap return me that:


Folder sync [XYZ]:
Syncing Drafts: IMAP -> MappedIMAP
DEBUG[]: Not syncing to read-only repository 'remote_XYZ'
Syncing INBOX: IMAP -> MappedIMAP
DEBUG[]: Not syncing to read-only repository 'remote_XYZ'


But I can use normal imap behavior (with updating) while connecting 
directly to the remote server from a mail client (Thunderbird). So 
should I suspect the connexion mode?
Here is my current way, which is default. when connecting directly from 
the mail client, the port is the sameā€¦ and it use TTLS.

[Account XYZ]
########## Basic settings
localrepository = local_XYZ
remoterepository = remote_XYZ
########## Advanced settings
autorefresh = 5
quick = 12
maxsize = 200000000
maxage = 90
maildir-windows-compatible = no

[Repository local_XYZ]
type = IMAP
remotehost = localhost
remoteuser = XYZ
remotepass = XXXX
localfolders = ~/Maildir
sep = .
restoreatime = no

[Repository remote_XYZ]
type = IMAP
remotehost =
#ssl = yes
#remoteport = 143
remoteuser = AAA at
remotepass = XXXX


Thanks for your kindly help!

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