Bug with exit codes?

Andrew Ferrier andrew.ferrier at gmail.com
Thu May 9 11:12:30 BST 2013

If I run an offlineimap invocation where a cert_fingerprint is not set for
a server I'm connecting to with SSL, I (rightly) see this:

ERROR: Server SSL fingerprint 'XXX' for hostname YYY.com' does not match
configured fingerprint. Please verify and set 'cert_fingerprint'
accordingly if not set yet.

However, the exit code from offlineimap is still 0, which makes this
condition more difficult to detect as part of a script. In my case, the UI
being used is 'basic', so that I can log the output, which makes the error
harder to spot amongst the other output. If I set it to 'quiet', I just get
the error message, but not the rest of the log.

I think this is probably a bug - offlineimap should be setting a non-zero
exit code in this case?


Andrew Ferrier
andrew.ferrier at gmail.com
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