messages created in the new folder with the trashed flag

Alan Schmitt alan.schmitt at
Wed May 15 11:18:09 BST 2013


I'm am seeing several messages in a "new/" folder with the trashed

# schmitta at top in ~/.Maildir/INBOX [12:16:26]
$ ls -1 new,U=681593,FMD5=7e33429f656f1e6e9d79b29c3f82c57e:2,,U=681596,FMD5=7e33429f656f1e6e9d79b29c3f82c57e:2,,U=681600,FMD5=7e33429f656f1e6e9d79b29c3f82c57e:2,,U=681601,FMD5=7e33429f656f1e6e9d79b29c3f82c57e:2,,U=681599,FMD5=7e33429f656f1e6e9d79b29c3f82c57e:2,,U=681602,FMD5=7e33429f656f1e6e9d79b29c3f82c57e:2,,U=681619,FMD5=7e33429f656f1e6e9d79b29c3f82c57e:2,T,U=681621,FMD5=7e33429f656f1e6e9d79b29c3f82c57e:2,T,U=681623,FMD5=7e33429f656f1e6e9d79b29c3f82c57e:2,T,U=681625,FMD5=7e33429f656f1e6e9d79b29c3f82c57e:2,

This seems to pose problems to some mail viewer (such as mu4e), as mails
in the new folder should not have any flag. Is it a bug of offlineimap
that these messages have these flags?

Is there a way to tell offlineimap to not download any message with a
trashed flag?



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