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Tue May 7 15:33:57 BST 2013

Dear Tomasz,

Many thanks for the quick reply - it raises an important question for me

At the moment, the only mailboxes I keep locally are All Mail and Bin
(Trash). Your answer seems to suggest that there is no way to delete emails
with this setup. Is that right? If so, that's really annoying and I'll have
to rethink my whole approach to using offlineimap with Gmail. (I realise
it's probably Gmail's fault though.)

Thanks again,


On 7 May 2013 15:25, Tomasz ┼╗ok <tomasz.zok at> wrote:

> Dear Geoff,
> On 05/07/13 at 03:12pm, Geoffrey Ferrari wrote:
> > 1) What is the correct way to delete messages from the All Mail folder?
> > Should I just delete the local file in the All Mail folder? Move the
> local
> > file to the Bin folder? Leave the original local file in All but copy it
> to
> > the Bin folder? Something else?
> Quote from
>     Do not save deleted messages to your [Gmail]/All Mail folder as some
>     clients will try to empty this folder and ultimately fail.
> IIRC, When you use OfflineIMAP and delete from local folder synced to
> [Gmail]/All Mail, this is the equivalent of the situation described by
> -> it does not work due to how Gmail treats All Mail.
> You should delete the message in [Gmail]/INBOX, then after synchronization
> it
> will be propagated and the message will disappear in [Gmail]/All Mail as
> well.
> Regards,
> Tomasz

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