OfflineIMAP 6.5.5 is out

Eygene Ryabinkin rea at
Sat Oct 5 07:15:51 BST 2013

Changes since 6.5.4:

 * Avoid lockups for IMAP synchronizations running with the
   "-1" command-line switch (X-Ryl669 <boite.pour.spam at>)
 * Dump stacktrace for all threads on SIGQUIT: ease debugging
   of threading and other issues
 * SIGHUP is now handled as the termination notification rather than
   the signal to reread the configuration (Dmitrijs Ledkovs)
 * Honor the timezone of emails (Tobias Thierer)
 * Allow mbnames output to be sorted by a custom sort key by specifying
   a 'sort_keyfunc' function in the [mbnames] section of the config.
 * Support SASL PLAIN authentication method.  (Andreas Mack)
 * Support transport-only tunnels that requre full IMAP authentication.
   (Steve Purcell)
 * Make the list of authentication mechanisms to be configurable.
   (Andreas Mack)
 * Allow to set message access and modification timestamps based
   on the "Date" header of the message itself.  (Cyril Russo)
 * "peritem" format string for [mbnames] got new expansion key
   "localfolders" that corresponds to the same parameter of the
   local repository for the account being processed.
 * [regression] pass folder names to the foldersort function,
   revert the documented behaviour
 * Fix handling of zero-sized IMAP data items (GitHub#15).
 * Updated bundled imaplib2 to 2.35:
   - fix for Gmail sending a BYE response after reading >100 messages
     in a session;
   - includes fix for GitHub#15: patch was accepted upstream.
 * Updated bundled imaplib2 to 2.36: it includes support for SSL
   version override that was integrated into our code before,
   no other changes.
 * Fixed parsing of quoted strings in IMAP responses: strings like "\\"
   were treated as having \" as the escaped quote, rather than treating
   it as the quoted escaped backslash (GitHub#53).
 * Execute pre/post-sync hooks during synchronizations
   toggled by IMAP IDLE message processing. (maxgerer at
 * Catch unsuccessful local mail uploads when IMAP server
   responds with "NO" status; that resulted in a loss of such
   local messages. (Adam Spiers)
 * Don't create folders if readonly is enabled.
 * Learn to deal with readonly folders to properly detect this
   condition and act accordingly.  One example is Gmail's "Chats"
   folder that is read-only, but contains logs of the quick chats. (E.
 * Fix str.format() calls for Python 2.6 (D. Logie)
 * Remove APPENDUID hack, previously introduced to fix Gmail, no longer
   necessary, it might have been breaking things. (J. Wiegley)
 * Improve regex that could lead to 'NoneType' object has no attribute
   'group' (D. Franke)
 * Improved error throwing on repository misconfiguration

Thanks to everyone involved in reporting/fixing bugs and testing
the results!

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