[BUG] bugs with 6.5.5

Marco Kundt kundt.m at googlemail.com
Fri Oct 25 12:35:34 BST 2013

Hey everyone!

I found a bugs which deleted all my mails, in all my mailboxes. And thats
not the first time. Due to an hdd crash my mail-dir was deleted and i
rescued my data. All i was holding was my offlineimaprc and maybe my
.offlineimap-dir (i managed to make a bitwise-backup of my broken pieces).
After everything was rescued i synced my offlineimap. That was the point it
deleted everything (the approach i want for an IMAP-client). The other time
offlineimap did the same after configuring itself.
Due to really bad design decision i can't create a debug.log because
'everything went right' in both cases.
I don't want help or something; i only want to say that offlineimap is the
crapiest shit i've ever saw. i really liked offlineimap. but now i'm really
pissed off. sorry i can't serve you your crap-debug.log.

As attachment i send you my config.

Have fun and a nice day! fuck this shit!

(subscribing to a ML for tracking a bug is really nice too)
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