State of IMAP<->IMAP sync.

Sistemi Windstyle sistemi at
Sun Oct 20 13:41:48 BST 2013

Actualy i use to sync IMAP Vs IMAP, the only bug i've seen it's when you 
move a message already categorized to other folder.
As other folder i intend any other folder ( compreensive trash when you 
delete a message ).
Now the only solution it's to sync only "inbox" and "sent items" 
assuming that this folder it's used only by popolated outsource elements.
Or other solution it's to NOT move any message to other folder, and 
don't use Trash, but configure ti directly sidg purged message.
Best regards.

Il 20/10/2013 13:28, Peter Lewis ha scritto:
> On Sun, 06 Oct 2013, Peter Lewis wrote:
> <snip>
>> What is the state / risk of using IMAP<->IMAP sync these days?
> Anyone? This is displayed pretty prominently on the web page, but no-one
> can comment?
> Thanks :-)
> Pete.
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