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Tim Kroeger Tim.Kroeger at
Fri Sep 13 12:57:30 BST 2013

Dear All,

When I don't specify anything about the email account password in the 
.offlineimaprc file, OfflineIMAP will ask me for the password. 
However, it will *not* do this if UI=Quiet is used.  Rather, in that 
case, it will just do effectively nothing at all, because without the 
password, it won't of course get access to my mailbox.

I don't want all the output produced by the other UIs, but I don't 
want to save my password in a readable form on my computer.  Is there 
not something like "UI=QuietExceptPasswordPrompt"?

Best Regards,


Prof. Dr. Tim Kröger
Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm
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