FETCH => socket error - Too many read 0

Ian Zimmerman itz at buug.org
Tue Aug 5 06:45:09 BST 2014

Sebastian Spaeth <Sebastian <at> SSpaeth.de> writes:

> On Thu, 25 Aug 2011 19:35:21 +0200, Vladimir Marek wrote:
> > > I'm seeing this backtrace.  Am I doing something wrong?
> > I had few of those too, and in my case it meant read from closed socket.
> Yes, and they only every seem to occur with Gmail and noone has been
> able to find out why. It's actually documented in the MANUAL...

No, I am getting this with my Dovecot IMAP server :-(

Also, what is the MANUAL?  My offlineimap package came with a small
documentation directory with a FAQ file and a MANUAL file, but the latter is
just the manpage in html format - no details of this sort there.  Is there a
manual online somewhere?

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