Issue with syncing shared folders

Tobias Kirchhofer tobias at
Tue Aug 26 19:29:04 BST 2014

Hi, i am new to this list. Thank you for offlineimap, which seems to be a wonderful peace of software!

However, i haven't yet made any experience with it expect that it is not syncing shared folders between two IMAP Server :) (both cyrus).

What i expect is that offlineimap syncs shared folders inbetween server1 and server2:

Shared folder name on Server 1:

Shared folder name on Server 2:

I applied nametrans inside [Repository] of server 1:

nametrans = lambda folder: re.sub('Lists.Clients.client1', 'Clients/client1', folder) 


Folder Clients/client1 [remote name Lists.Clients.client1] [acc: Test]:
 ERROR: Aborting sync, folder 'Clients/client1' [acc: 'Test']
  Error SELECTing mailbox 'Clients/client1', server reply:
('NO', ['Mailbox does not exist'])

Clients.client1 exists on server 2

'.' or '/' does not change anything

If i create Clients.client1 under the Inbox of the user which syncs it matches.

The sync-user has approbriate rights to the shared folder Clients.client1 on server 2.

So, what is going here? :) It must be something stupid - because this should be an easy stunt?

Tobias Kirchhofer
tobias at

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