Every sync takes 10 minutes due to many messages missing from remote

Tree House yourewatchingtreehouse at gmail.com
Sun Jan 19 07:42:05 GMT 2014

I spent hours looking into why OfflineIMAP wasn't running my postsynchook,
which is just a basic bash script that invokes notify-send. When I saw an
email appear in my inbox, I wondered why I never saw my notification.

I ran offlineimap from the command line and watched its output. It kept
trying to copy Calendar messages (about 150 of them), but I kept seeing the
following error: "ERROR: IMAP server 'remote' does not have a message with
UID '[...]'". After the last Calendar message was processed, the next
autorefresh would kick off a minute later, and the cycle would start all
over again.

I finally saw my postsynchook run after the 10 minute sync.

What can I do? Why does OfflineIMAP constantly try to copy Calendar
messages (from a remote Office 365 Exchange server) that don't exist?

Even running with "quick = -1" (always quick) doesn't help. The sync still
took 7 minutes. I only have about 1000 emails and just the standard
mailboxes (inbox, sent, drafts, etc.). No new mail was received during any
syncs, so I'm surprised syncs are taking so long.

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