Setting up no-delete one-way synchronization

Isaac Bennetch bennetch at
Fri Jan 3 19:21:12 GMT 2014


On 1/2/14 9:55 AM, dej wrote:
> Hi guys,
> so I just found out that I fundamentally misunderstood how offlineimap works and 
> I need your help in finding out wether I can make this work with offlineimap or 
> if I need to use some other tools.
> I have a mail account with To save space, users only get to keep 
> the emails of the past three months in the Sent folder.
> Now I thought I could deal with that by having a local copy of the whole IMAP 
> folder structure, however, offlineimap deletes everything locally that is 
> deleted remotely.
> I would like to do a simple backup, I don't ever do anything with the local 
> Maildir folder. I just want it to be there so I can look up mail that is older 
> than three months.
> Any chance?
> I already know about the realdelete parameter but that does not seem to do 
> what I want.

Sounds like you just want to get your mail (using a standard "mail
retrieval agent" [1]. The most common, of course, is fetchmail[2], but
apparently getmail[3] is also gaining traction (though I've never used
getmail; I'm still happily on fetchmail where needed).

Hope that helps.

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2 -
3 -

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