offlineimap debugging - how can I get the Message-ID of a rejected mail?

Christian Recktenwald cre at
Wed Jul 2 13:44:59 BST 2014

On Tue, Jul 01, 2014 at 07:56:59AM +0400, Eygene Ryabinkin wrote:
> Christian, good day.
> > Therefore I'd need some more information regarding the rejected 
> > email itself, like the Message-ID header.
> can try to download current "next" from


got that, resulted in:

	 ERROR: Saving msg ([unknown message-id]) in folder ...

So I added some more information (Date, From, To, see attached patch) and got

	 ERROR: Saving msg (Message-ID=[unknown] Date=[unknown] From=[unknown] To=[unknown]) in folder ...

So, it looks like this is operating on an empty (?!) mail message.

As I have filesystem access to the "maildir" store of cyrus (the "source"),
I conducted some tests:
- wrote a simple perl script which justs reads a file from the disk
  and pushes it into the zarafa server. So I uploaded about 400 mails.
  No error occurred.
- Used mutt to download the folder via IMAP to a local maildir.
  Compared the content to that of the cyrus mailstore.
  Found no differences except for some additional headers (X-OfflineIMAP: 7...-....)
  Then I ran the perl script with the maildir content.
  No error occurred.
- Next I used mutt directly to select all mails from IMAP and stored them 
  directly via IMAP into the other system.
  No error occurred.

Now I'm ready to suspect that there might be some problem with 
offlineimap whatsoever.

I found something with strace:

  IKAI14 APPEND INBOX.[...] () {37}\r\n

[...]: foldername replaced

This would indicate a senseless small email message of 37 bytes.
I've checked twice - there is no such mail on the system
as well as inside the downloaded maildir.

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