Help reading passwords from password DB

Dolan Murvihill dm at WPI.EDU
Sun Jun 1 14:49:32 BST 2014

I'm trying to read a Gmail password from the pwsafe command in Arch. I added
the following command in my remote Gmail repository:

remotepasseval = get_keyring_passwd("google")

and the following Python function in my file:

def get_keyring_passwd(keyname)
	pipe = os.popen("pwsafe -E -p -q "+keyname, 'r')
	passwd = pipe.readline().rstrip("\n")
	return passwd

When I run offlineimap, I get prompted to enter my password for another
account, and for my password database, on the same line. The input is all
confused; I can press enter multiple times and nothing happens. I was expecting
that the execpasswd commands would execute one at a time and block when done,
but they seem to be executing concurrently. Is there a way to force the desired

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