One-Way Sync (`POP-like') on Selected Folders

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Koralatov <lists at> writes:

> I've looked through the manual, and I've googled around, but I can't
> seem to find an answer, so apologies if I've overlooked something
> obvious.
> I want to do one-way sync on *some* folders, but not all of them ---
> specifically the folders for mailing lists.  I want offlineimap to pull
> them down into my Maildirs, then remove them from the server, but leave
> the local copies when carrying out future syncs.  Effectively, I'd like
> some folders to have `POP-like' behaviour, but the rest to continue
> working as they are at present.
> I need to do this because I keep butting up against my account's storage
> and message limits.  I don't need to be able to access my mailing-list
> e-mail on anything other than my main machine, so this seems like a good
> solution to the issue.
> Is this something I can do using offlineimap, or will I need to look
> into something else to accomplish this?

I am not aware of providing folder-specific options (e.g. read-only),
and also I don't think that offlineimap can delete emails out of the
box, unless they are deleted locally.

Nevertheless, you could probably achieve what you want by using
consecutive runs of offlineimap with different configurations:

1) sync only list folders from remote to local using folder name
translation rules
2) sync only local *empty* list folders to the remote ones, effectively
deleting the remote mails (not sure if this works...)
3) do a normal sync on all folders except the list folders

One tool which could do what you want (when you are synching to a local
imap server) is imapfilter [1].




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