Passwords on OS X via security

Paul W. Rankin hello at
Thu Nov 13 08:25:32 GMT 2014

"Paul W. Rankin" <hello at> writes:

> The keychain is already unlocked and accessible. Within Keychain
>, `security` is listed as "Always allow access by these
> applications:". I have the very same line in my ~/.authinfo for using
> smtpmail-send-it to avoid typing a gpg password when sending mail:
> machine login userrnkn at password `security
> find-generic-password -s -a user at -w` port
> 465
> That works without a hitch (with real values), so I assumed the problem
> has to be in the way offlineimap reads .offlineimaprc

Ah sorry! This does NOT work without a hitch. It does not work at all.
So my issue is with shell argument substitution in general, not with

But if anyone know how to achieve this...?

Paul W. Rankin

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