Update (was: Please agree to add OpenSSL exception to Offlineimap)

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at SSpaeth.de
Thu Oct 2 10:52:27 BST 2014

Here is an update on the openssl exception front:
From 1594 commits we got consent to add the openssl exception for 1511,
leaving 83 commits uncovered. This makes it 94,79% of all commits.

If we get Eygene, our most proflific non-replyer to agree too, we are
down to 34 unknown commits. That looks good to me.

I would argue that we merge the openssl exception text into the next
branch now, and continue to collect consent from the hitherto unknowns
or start auditing the code contributions to see if they are worth of
copyright at all (I have not looked at the code contributions at all).

Any opinions?


1	Asheesh Laroia
2	Bart Kerkvliet
4	Daniel Burrows
5	David Favro
1	David Logie
1	Eric Dorland
1	Ethan Schoonover
49	Eygene Ryabinkin
1	Loui Chang
1	Luca Capello
1	Michael Witten
2	Mike Dawson
1	Peter Colberg
1	Scott Henson
1	Tom Lawton
1	W. Trevor King
2	X-Ryl669
1	buergi
2	dtk
5	mj

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