modify time of synced messages is 1 hour in the future

Kyle Silfer kyle at
Wed Oct 1 15:51:58 BST 2014

On Wed, 1 Oct 2014, Nicolas Sebrecht wrote:

>> The source IMAP server is Dovecot, read-only, and the destination is 
>> Cyrus. The timezones are the same on source and destination.
> What is in charge of writing the files on the destination? IOW is the
> destination type (a local maildir written by OfflineIMAP or a remote IMAP
> Cyrus server)?

The destination is the Cyrus IMAP server, which is not remote. It's the 
same server that I'm running offlineimap on.

>> After running offlineimap, a message with this Date header:
>> Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2014 11:03:59 -0600
>> ... arrives on the destination server with a modify time of 12:03:59. Here's the stat output on the file itself on the destination file system:
>> Access: 2014-09-30 12:03:59.000000000 -0600
>> Modify: 2014-09-30 12:03:59.000000000 -0600
>> Change: 2014-09-30 11:04:40.782825328 -0600
>> The ctime shows when the file was actually written to the filesystem and is correct, but the atime and mtime are both in the future.
>> Originally I was running the Ubuntu 14.04 package (6.5.4) but I upgraded to 6.5.6 because I saw in the notes for 6.5.5 some date-related changes, e.g.:
>> Allow to set message access and modification timestamps based on the "Date" header of the message itself. (Cyril Russo)
>> Honor the timezone of emails (Tobias Thierer)
>> ... however, I am experiencing the same problem. All emails synced from the source get 1 hour added to their modification time. Is there an undocumented .offlineimaprc setting to activate these date/time fixes? Is this the same bug from 2009? Is there a workaround? Please advise. Thank you.
> Are the date and time correct on both source and destination systems?

Yes, within a couple of minutes of each other.

And time zone is also correct.


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