offlineimap hangs, has to stopped with kill -9

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Tue Oct 14 08:06:42 BST 2014

Henry Gebhardt <hsggebhardt at> writes:

> On Fri, Sep 05, 2014 at 08:06:27AM +0200, Niels Kobsch├Ątzki wrote:
>> On Thu, Sep 4, 2014, at 21:34, Ian Kelling wrote:
>> > I run offlineimap in a cronjob every 5 minutes, unless it is already
>> > running. Every few days, I find the process hung. It doesn't respond
>> > to normal kill messages, except but kill -9. So I cloned the git
>> > repo, ran it from there, and next time it happened, I attached gdb
>> > and did a trace.  I didn't have much time, and printed a few pages
>> > of the call stack, assumed there was a repeating pattern then quit.
>> > I'm going to have to add some logic to kill -9 offlineimap.
>> > 
>> > My os is ubuntu 14.04.
>> > 
>> > The stack trace is attached.
>> > 
>> > Any idea whats going on? Is this a bug?
>> Unfortunately not but I have the same problem. It seems that it always
>> occurs after the computer was suspended. Maybe a problem when
>> offlineimap runs and exactly in that moment the computer gets
>> suspended?
> I observe the same. It seems to only occur with my GMail account.

Agreed. I run offlineimap in daemon mode and on probably 50% after
suspends, the gmail account hangs, but the other ones (iCloud and
University) continue to sync. There is also another difference between
the accounts, which is that the gmail account has a hook (postsynchook =
notmuch new).

Thinking about it, I will put the hook behind another accout and see
what happens. 

Also, it *seems* that the hanging mainly (only?) occurs after longer
(overnight) suspends.

> The other accounts finish syncing fine. Since I always start
> offlineimap manually, I don't think it is related to suspend.

I think it is, as it does not hang without suspend.



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