nametrans to add a dot in the beginning of the foldername

Niklaas Baudet von Gersdorff niklaas at
Fri Oct 17 05:34:38 BST 2014

Rainer M Krug [2014-10-03 12:51 +0200] :

> I am doing something similar, only that I add a prefix for each
> account. So for my gmail, I have the following:

Thank you for sharing your approach.

Nicolas Sebrecht [2014-10-03 18:32 +0200] :

> I didn't check the code but ASAIR there is additional code to handle
> some corner cases about that dot alone as foldername. Expressed
> differently, dots alone and other patterns are not processed the exact
> same way in OfflineIMAP. I wouldn't be surprised there is a hurting
> bug out there when nametrans are used.

Thank you for the advice.

I decided to leave the default settings and just change my mutt settings
on the client/server that I can read my mails on every machine with mutt
although the folder structure is not the same.


Baudet von Gersdorff
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