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Cameron Simpson cs at
Thu Oct 23 23:09:04 BST 2014

On 23Oct2014 12:13, Romain Pelisse <belaran at> wrote:
>Before using offline-imap (a long time ago now), I had some fetchmail scripts
>to automatically sort email / tag as read. I'm starting to again have the
>need for such feature, and I was wondering what is the "recommended" way to
>do it offline-imap (maybe still using fetchmail ? Maybe just using some
>offline-imap feature I overlooked ? Or maybe with an other tool ?)

If it were me (and I hope it will be at some point) my workflow would look like 

     offline-imap  # sync local mailbox
     ... run filter process, presumably filtering the INBOX as required ...
     offline-imap  # push back

Of course, since offline-imap goes both ways you can drop the second 
incantation, since the next loop iteration will do the same.

My own mailfiler program simply monitors a "live" maildir, so in fact these two 
steps (offline-imap and mail filing) could be decoupled for me.

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