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Ok, to sum up - yes I need filtering on the client side. So no feature to
do that with offline-imap (which is a good thing IMHO), so the question
which other tool could do the work. I know a bit fetchmail, but I was not
seduced, to say the least.

The other tool mention earlier operating directly on the imap server does
not really matches my need. I don't mind having the filtering done locally,
and then propagate by offline-imap on the next sync.

So, I guess the question is - does anyone know a good alternative to
fetchmail ? :)

On 24 October 2014 10:09, Tomasz ┼╗ok <tomasz.zok at> wrote:

> On 2014-10-23 at 12:13, Romain Pelisse wrote:
> > Before using offline-imap (a long time ago now), I had some fetchmail
> > scripts to automatically sort email / tag as read. I'm starting to again
> > have the need for such feature, and I was wondering what is the
> > "recommended" way to do it offline-imap (maybe still using fetchmail ?
> > Maybe just using some offline-imap feature I overlooked ? Or maybe with
> an
> > other tool ?)
> The best way would be to filter server-side. Then you synchronize with
> OfflineIMAP once and everything is sorted out (because the filtering
> itself was
> already done on the server). If you are using Gmail, it's the best to work
> out
> the filtering rules in the webmail. If you are using some other IMAP
> server,
> you could ask the administrator if there is SIEVE support or at least
> procmail
> installed. Both are tools suited for e-mail matching and performing
> actions on
> them (moving to folders, changing flags, etc.)
> If you cannot filter server-side, there is a tool called imapfilter. You
> configure it on your client machine and it just connects to the IMAP
> server and
> shuffles e-mails according to your rules. For some time I used it as
> a "presynchook" in OfflineIMAP and it worked fine. But there is a big
> disadvantage of imapfilter. It needs an additional connection to the IMAP
> before every sync, which takes time if you have lots of e-mail and/or
> complex
> rules and/or slow Internet connection.
> Finally you can automatically manage e-mails after OfflineIMAP synchronizes
> them (a "postsynchook"). I cannot name any specific tool to do this, but
> surely
> it is possible. The disadvantage here is that when you synchronize and sort
> e-mails, they will be seen as such only on your local computer until you
> synchronize again. Maybe in your configuration that's not an issue, but
> still
> worth to mention.
> To sum up, in my opinion one should use server-side filtering whenever
> possible. And that would free you from making any changes in the
> OfflineIMAP
> config :)
> All the best,
> Tomasz

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