Davmail + Offlineimap

Chris chris at mathologist.net
Tue Sep 23 02:03:29 BST 2014

I recently got a new email account from my school. It's exchange and does
not support SMTP or IMAP at all. And off campus, it only allows for the web
interface. I've set up davmail as a bridge and I've been having a very weird

Whenever I move an email from one folder to another, the subject and
everything get mangled. As far as I can tell, the raw email is just begin
put as the body of the message and the email itself appears as if it has no
subject, sender, sent date, etc. Just to check, I set up Thunderbird and
moved messages around with no problem (when accessing davmail as an imap
server, not messing with the maildir directory). But if I use my main email
client (mu4e) to move messages or just move them manually, this behavior

Any ideas?

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