[offlineimap] pidfile location and usage (#229)

Jakub Klinkovsk√Ĺ notifications at github.com
Fri Aug 21 19:09:42 BST 2015

To complete the compliance to the XDG standard (see #32), the pidfile should be created in `$XDG_RUNTIME_DIR` instead of the (admittedly configurable) metadata dir.

But more importantly, the pidfile is bound one to one with the metadata dir, but there can be multiple instances of offlineimap per metadata dir (e.g. with different value for the `-a` argument) overwriting their own pidfiles and just changing the location to `$XDG_RUNTIME_DIR` will not help. This leads to a question whether the pidfile is necessary/useful at all. IMHO they are traditionally used by daemon managers to keep track of processes, for which they need to be able to set custom pidfile path per-instance.

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