Mails deleted when restarted after aborting

Martin Geisler martin at
Mon Aug 31 14:06:10 BST 2015

Hi all,

I've begun the long processo of pumping my mails from a local IMAP server
to Gmail and OfflineIMAP seems to be a great tool for this.

There are various errors, however, and they make OfflineIMAP abort with
tracebacks. When I restart it, it seems to pick of from there it was. It
normally starts by deleting some mails from the remote (Gmail) end:

Folder INBOX [acc: mrtn]:
 Deleting 43 messages
(25671:25704,25706:25707,26388,26392,26481,26589:26590,26772,26795) in

I hope this is normal? Will the mails be re-uploaded after the restart?

I'm a little puzzled why it would decide to delete and then (hopefully)
upload the mails again?

I'm using "status_backend = sqlite" and "maxconnections = 3" in attempt to
speed things up. The version is 6.5.5 from Debian Unstable.

Martin Geisler
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