Mails deleted when restarted after aborting

Martin Geisler martin at
Mon Aug 31 21:23:00 BST 2015

Martin Geisler <martin at> writes:

> On Mon, Aug 31, 2015 at 5:41 PM, Martin Geisler <martin at> wrote:
> I let the upload finish (succesfully) and then I immediatedly reran
> "offlineimap -1", only to see 125 messages being deleted:
>  Syncing INBOX: Gmail -> MappedIMAP
>  Deleting 125 messages
> (32836:32837,32853,32913,32972,33038,33049,33145,33232,34587,34719,34800,34910,34928,34957,34993,35164,35442,35618,35693,35928,36186,36333,36396,36406,36563,36568,36598,37034,37526,37548,37571,37635,38255:38257,38339:38341,38371,38380,38393,38418:38420,38424:38427,38429:38430,38511,38644,38686,38688,38825,38828,39180,39297,39492,39533,39807:39808,39811:39819,39849,39883:39884,39934,40056:40057,40309,40335,40353:40354,40362:40364,40367,40370:40371,40392:40393,40751:40754,40790,40818:40821,40836,41495,41787,41832:41833,42527,42541,42549:42551,42873,43513:43514,43732:43735,43834:43836,44005,44024,44066:44067,44434:44435)
> in MappedIMAP[INBOX]
> No mails were copied back from Gmail to the local INBOX, so this looks
> strange to me.

I believe I've figured out what is going on here: I was able to match
each deleted mail with another mail in my Maildir. That is, the mails
were duplicated in my old Maildir (and IMAP) INBOX.

When the mails were updated to Gmail, they were merged transparently. So
the next OfflineIMAP run detected that one of the duplicates were
missing on Gmail and proceeded to delete it from my local server.

So I believe things worked as they should after all :-)

Martin Geisler
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