[ANNOUNCE] OfflineIMAP v6.6.0 released

Nicolas Sebrecht nicolas.s-dev at laposte.net
Fri Dec 4 23:47:39 GMT 2015

OfflineIMAP v6.6.0 is out.


After more than 7 months of work since previous stable v6.5.7, this new stable
release is finally ready. This course had interesting fixes, especially some
about long-standing issues. New features are available while most are still
marked experimental. Check intermediate changelogs to know more.

This is good time for a release. Christmas and New Year's celebreations should
be calm for the OfflineIMAP's contributors. :-)

Seasons's Greetings!

# Authors

- 30  Nicolas Sebrecht
-  7  Igor Almeida
-  5  Ben Boeckel
-  4  Valentin Lab
-  2  Sébastien Gross
-  2  Matthew Krafczyk
-  1  Tommie Gannert
-  1  Ramón Cahenzli
-  1  Psy-Q
-  1  Prashant Sachdeva
-  1  Max Vilimpoc
-  1  Janna Martl
-  1  Étienne Deparis
-  1  Christopher Corley

# Features

- Maildir learns to mimic Dovecot's format of lower-case letters (a,b,c..) for
  "custom flags" or user keywords.

# Fixes

- Broken retry loop would break connection management.
- Replace rogue `print` statement by `self.ui.debug`.

# Changes

- Bump imaplib2 from v2.52 to v2.53.
- Code cleanups.
- Add a full stack of all thread dump upon EXIT or KILL signal in thread debug

# imapfw

The imapfw framework is growing well and I'm now planning to implement a
`offlineimap` action in it. This will allow running imapfw with OfflineIMAP's
configuration file. ,-)

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Nicolas Sebrecht

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