GMail labels sync - what and how?

Rainer M Krug Rainer at
Mon Feb 9 13:14:49 GMT 2015


I am looking for some information about the GMail label sync and how I
can use the synched labels. 

0) Generally: What do I have to do to have my GMAil labels synched and
how can I use them locally? Is there any information on the site?
Do I have to use the GmailMaildir local backend
and notmuch to utilise these synched labels?

1) I use dovecot as my local imap and sync all folders from gmail to
dovecot (Even All Mail...). This gives me the possibility to do
deletions, moving, tagging and so on from Gnus and have it synched back
to GMail.
Can this synching be simplified by synching e.g. only All Mail
and have the emails put into multiple local imap folders if they have
multiple tags?



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