My WIP on Unicode

Nicolas Sebrecht nicolas.s-dev at
Tue Feb 10 12:17:36 GMT 2015


Supporting Unicode is much harder than what it seems. The main reasons
- Python 2.X sucks with Unicode;
- our codebase has too much enterlaced variables over objects and
- each library (if not each module of libraries) handles Unicode

In the past weeks, I could not come with a fully working Unicode
version. My first attempt has led to issues very hard to debug.  So,
I've changed of paradigm but it led to a lot of breakages.  With so many
breakages I've even started a new module to help debugging: I could not
find any debugging tool out there which helps much for the purpose.

I believe they worth a look. I'll polish and publish both unicode
attempts in a near future for review and comments. I'll try to finish
and publish the debugging module, too.

Then, we'll have to decide if this is actually something we want and
what strategy look better.

Nicolas Sebrecht

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