GMail labels sync - what and how?

Abdó Roig-Maranges abdo.roig at
Tue Feb 10 11:18:34 GMT 2015


> They don't seem to be installed using homebrew (OS X) - I'll follow this
> up.

Oops, here it is!

>> I'm not sure about notmuch. Notmuch keeps its own tags in the external index,
> That's what I like about it - I use it mainly for indexing and searching
> my email.

Yes, the indexing is fantastic, What I was referring is that notmuch has its own
tagging system that lives entirely within the index, and I don't think it cares
about X-Keywords and such (it didn't some time ago).

I know about some software to keep notmuch tags, with X-Keywords labels in sync: 

But have not tested it. Also, it looks like a new layer of complication where
things can go wrong. That's I'm using now mu for mail indexing, and mu4e for
mail client.

The advantage of mu is that the index is just an index, it has no extra data
kept only within the index. Also it indexes the X-Keywords header.

A bonus of having an index that is just an index, is that I can now sync my
Maildir across machines via rsync and friends, and everything just works. No
need to sync huge indexes just for the tags.

Abdó Roig.

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