[offlineimap] Proxy support (#169)

Nicolas Sebrecht notifications at github.com
Fri Feb 13 12:49:17 GMT 2015

First, I've worked with a China company in the past and I know that having to workaround the filters can seriously become boring, even more for Chinese. I join your efforts to bypass them. You might add the comment directly in the source code.

* The implementation note should not stand in the commit message and unless I've missed something both branches look unrelated and independent.
* Commits must be signed-off-by.
* Both patches should be squashed.
* The option is not described in `offlineimap.conf` and should express the dependency requirement.
* If the library import of socks fails, we should provide a well-written message rather than let the exception bubble up.

Other than that, the code looks correct to me while I did not test this feature.

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