offlineimap hangs

Edd Barrett edd at
Sat Jan 3 15:17:05 GMT 2015


First, thanks for offlineimap. I use it extensively.

I am having problems with offlineimap occasionally hanging.

The problem manifests similarly as described in this post:

So it hangs, then I see the "Terminating NOW (this may take a few
seconds)..." message.

Note that, unlike in the above linked post,  I am not using an SSH tunnel,
just a TLS encrypted IMAP connection to a number of mail servers.

Sometimes the dreaded "Terminating NOW" message *does* clear.  On other
occasions it hangs forever.  Pressing CTRL+C again prints the message again
before hanging more.

Once at this state, you must kill -9 offlineimap, which is bad because
it leaves a lock file behind.

Annoyingly I don't know what causes this to happen. At first I though it
was when the network connection went down, but I have since convinced
myself otherwise.

I'm finding this frustrating, as it interrupts my work flow to kill the
process and clear the lock.

Any ideas? This is version 6.5.6 running on OpenBSD.

Best Regards
Edd Barrett

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