ALREADYEXISTS when toggling subscribedonly

Mike Glover mglover at
Sun Jan 4 22:54:41 GMT 2015


Relatively new to offlineimap, --version says

I'd like to have a local copy of all my mail, but to regularly check 
only my subscribed folders. So...

I set subscribedonly=no and synced.  Then I set subscribedonly=yes and 
synced; offlineimap fails with:

Jan 03 22:08:47 [imap] ERROR: Folder 'XXXXX'[remote] could not be 
created. Server responded: ('NO', ['[ALREADYEXISTS] Mailbox already exists'])

I've tried the subscribedonly line in the DEFAULT section and 
individually in the local/remote sections.  I either get errors or all 
mailboxes syncing.

Thoughts?  TIA!


(not subscribed to the list, cc: appreciated)

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