[ANNOUNCE] OfflineIMAP v6.5.7-rc1 released

Nicolas Sebrecht nicolas.s-dev at laposte.net
Wed Jan 7 21:40:34 GMT 2015

OfflineIMAP v6.5.7-rc1 is out.

I think it's time for a new release candidate. Not much new features are added
but our release cycle are long enough and users are asked to use the current TIP
of the next branch to test our recent patches.

The current version makes better support for environment variable expansion and
improves OS portability. Gmail should be better supported: we are still
expecting feedbacks. Embedded library imaplib2 is updated to v2.37.
Debugging messages are added and polished.

There's some code cleanups and refactoring, also.

Sorry for the digression here but as a french myself and a strong partisan for
the liberty, I'd like to say :

  Je suis Charlie.


* Expand environment variables in the following
  configuration items:
  - general.pythonfile;
  - general.metadata;
  - mbnames.filename;
  - Repository.localfolders.
  - Repository.sslcacertfile.
  Make tilde and environment variable expansion in the following
  configuration items:
  - Repository.sslclientcert;
  - Repository.sslclientkey.
* Support default CA bundle locations for a couple of
  known Unix systems (Michael Vogt, GutHub pull #19)
* Added default CA bundle location for OpenBSD
  (GitHub pull #120) and DragonFlyBSD.


* Fix unbounded recursion during flag update (Josh Berry).
* Do not ignore gmail labels if header appears multiple times
* Delete gmail labels header before adding a new one
* Fix improper header separator for X-OfflineIMAP header
* Match header names case-insensitively
* Create SQLite database directory if it doesn't exist
  yet; warn if path is not a directory (Nick Farrell,
  GutHub pull #102)
* Properly manipulate contents of messagelist for folder
* Fix label processing in GmailMaildir
* Properly capitalize OpenSSL
* Fix warning-level message processing by MachineUI
  (GitHub pull #64, GitHub pull #118).
* Properly generate tarball from "sdist" command (GitHub #137)
* Fix Markdown formatting
* Fix typo in apply_xforms invocation
* Merge pull request #136 from aroig/gh/label-fix
* Fix mangled message headers for servers without UIDPLUS:
  X-OfflineIMAP was added with preceeding '\n' instead of
  '\r\n' just before message was uploaded to the IMAP server.
* Add missing version bump for 6.5.6 (it was released with
  6.5.5 in setup.py and other places).


* Warn about a tricky piece of code in addmessageheader
* Rename addmessageheader()'s crlf parameter to linebreak
* addmessageheader: fix case #2 and flesh out docstring
* addmessageheader(): add debug for header insertion
* Add version qualifier to differentiate releases and development ones
* More clearly show results of folder name translation
* IMAP: provide message-id in error messages
* Trade recursion by plain old cycle
* Avoid copying array every time, just slice it
* Added OpenSSL exception clause to our main GPL to allow
  people to link with OpenSSL in run-time.  It is needed
  at least for Debian, see
  for details.
* Brought CustomConfig.py into more proper shape
* Updated bundled imaplib2 to 2.37:
  - add missing idle_lock in _handler()
* Imaplib2: trade backticks to repr()
* Introduce CustomConfig method that applies set of transforms
* imaplibutil.py: remove unused imports
* CustomConfig.py: remove unused imports
* init.py: remove unused import
* repository/Base.py: remove unused import
* repository/GmailMaildir.py: remove unused import
* repository/LocalStatus.py: remove unused import
* ui/Curses.py: remove unused import
* ui/UIBase.py: remove unused import
* localeval: comment on security issues
* docs: remove obsolete comment about SubmittingPatches.rst
* utils/const.py: fix ident
* ui/UIBase: folderlist(): avoid built-in list() redefinition
* more consistent style

Nicolas Sebrecht

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