[RFC] adding the mailing list in Github notifications

Nicolas Sebrecht nicolas.s-dev at laposte.net
Fri Jan 9 16:54:22 GMT 2015


With Github in the run, we tend to have two places to manage development
and issues. Sometimes, issues are in both places or worse splitted
between them.

I'd like to add this mailing list address to the notifications of Github
to prevent from broken conversations and confusing contexts. So,
OfflineIMAP contributors would not anymore have to switch of tool all
the time.

I expect users to appreciate such change since they could indeferrently
use Github or the mailing list and be sure to have the widest audiance
for their requests.

While I believe it should be for the good, I'd like your feedbacks
before doing so. It would obviously give more traffic, here.

What do you think?

Nicolas Sebrecht

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