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Matthias Beyer mail at
Wed Jan 28 16:01:57 GMT 2015

Hi offlineimap list!

Please keep me in CC; I'm not subscribed to this list.

I have a problem with offlineimap I don't know how to solve:

Always when syncing my account (my secondary account), the mails in
the inbox appear and vanish again after the next sync.

I have a local prefix for the accounts boxes, lets call it
"localPREFIX". My Maildir structure looks like this:


and so on. I just want to sync the maildirs with the appropriate
prefix "localPREFIX".

My settings look like this:

    [Repository LocalFoo]
    type = Maildir
    localfolders = ~/.mail
    sep = .
    nametrans = lambda foldername = "INBOX." re.sub('^localPREFIX\.', '', foldername)
    folderfilter = lambda foldername = foldername.startswith('localPREFIX.')

    [Repository RemoteFoo]
    type = IMAP
    remotehost = ...
    nametrans = lambda foldername = "localPREFIX." re.sub('^INBOX\.', '', foldername)
    createfolders = True

And that's pretty much it.

Can you tell me what went wrong and how to solve my problem?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Kind regards,
Matthias Beyer

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