reverting recent SSL-related patches

Nicolas Sebrecht nicolas.s-dev at
Mon Jan 12 15:09:55 GMT 2015

On Mon, Jan 12, 2015 at 01:36:39PM +0100, Nicolas Sebrecht wrote:

> >  -
> Looks good from a quick review. Apply it.
> >  -
> >  -
> >  -
> Not going to review these ones: it's about documentation. Apply them.
> >  -
> >
> > It works for me both if repository has sslcacertfile and if only
> > cert_fingerprint is configured and OS-default CA bundle is present.
> Like discussed above, I'm not plainly satisfied. I have no strong
> opinion but in the same time I couldn't find a fix I'm totally satisfied
> with. Edd proposed me off-list to add yet another configuration option
> and I'm not tottaly satisfied with this fix neither.
> The added comments to the configuration file should make the
> situation clear enough. So, you might want go with the cuurent fix.
> Apply, if you think it's the best approach. Consider me out of the
> course. ,-)

I have pending work to publish into "next":

  Giovanni Mascellani (1):
      Drop caches after having processed folders.

  Nicolas Sebrecht (4):
      repository: Base: add comment about lying variable name self.uiddir
      repository: do not redefine string
      minor: add comments
      more consistent style

  Wieland Hoffmann (1):
      addmessageheader: Add a note about the incorrect rendering of the docstring

I'll wait for you to apply your patches so that you won't get into conflicts,
if any.

With all that work done, we should be up-to-date at merging pull requests and
patches sent to the mailing list:

I aim to release next -rc after the merges.

> > Edd, if you will be able to test this, it will be very good.

Nicolas Sebrecht

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