[offlineimap] offlineimap 6.5.4 sync original date and time (#157)

Nicolas Sebrecht notifications at github.com
Tue Jan 20 12:06:11 GMT 2015

I can't tell, I don't know Dovecot enough.

What I understand is that you're feeding Dovecot's *Maildir database* behind his back. So, I'm not surprised that any Dovecot assumptions about its own data are not met at some point. And that's why I talked about a *very unusual use case* coming *from the tool chain*.

While the initial request seems legit at a first glance, I'm not sure we want to match/support assumptions of all IMAP servers (using a Maildir database) out there.

I think we first have to check if our Maildir is wrong but I'm pretty sure the standard is light enough to not require anything in this area.


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