Sync -> Mails there. Sync -> mails gone

Matthias Beyer mail at
Thu Jan 29 11:35:31 GMT 2015

Hi Tomasz,

thanks for your suggestions. I tried the second one:

On 29-01-2015 12:13:11, Tomasz Żok wrote:
> 2.  Change LocalFoo's nametrans into:
>         lambda foldername = if foldername == 'localPREFIX.INBOX' then 'INBOX' else 'INBOX.' + re.sub('^localPREFIX\.', '', foldername)

Which did not solve the problem, unfortunately. The mails get still
removed and added again after each sync:

    1. Sync -> Mails in INBOX
    2. Sync -> Mails removed from Inbox
    3. Sync -> Starting at 1. Sync again

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Kind regards,
Matthias Beyer

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