[ANNOUNCE] OfflineIMAP v6.5.7-rc3 released

Nicolas Sebrecht nicolas.s-dev at laposte.net
Fri Mar 20 10:39:57 GMT 2015

OfflineIMAP v6.5.7-rc3 is out.


Here comes a much bigger release than expected! With this release, the new
website is made official.

Distribution maintainers, be aware that we now have a new man page

Also, the man page offlineimap(1) is sightly revised to explain the command line
options. Since `offlineimap --help` won't detail the options anymore, it becomes

The maxage feature was broken by design and could delete mails on one side. It
is still under heavy work to fix issues when timezones are not synced. Gmail is
known to use different timezones accross mailboxes.

The IMAP library imaplib2 was updated for the upcoming course to Python 3.

The most other important changes are:

- Possibility to use a proxy.
- All the documentation are SIGHTLY revisited and updated from all the available
  places (sources files in the repository, wiki, website). A lot was moved from
  the wiki and the sources to the website.
- the RFCs are available in the repository.

#### Features

- Add proxy support powered by PySocks.
- New man page offlineimapui to explain the available UIs.
- Add a CONTRIBUTING.rst file.
- Add a `TODO.rst` list for the contributors.
- Add a script for maintainers to roll out new releases.
- Add the `scripts/get-repository.sh` script to work on the website and the wiki.
- Doc: add IMAP RFCs.

#### Fixes

- Don't loose local mails because of maxage.
- Properly handle the cached messagelist.
- Do not error if `remoteuser` is not configured.
- imaplibutil: add missing errno import.
- LocalStatusSQLite: labels: don't fail if database returns unexpected None value.
- IDLE: continue trying selecting the folder on `OfflineImapError.Error`.

#### Changes

- imaplib2: bump to v2.42
- `--help` becomes concise.
- Changelogs: move format back to markdown/kramdown to be more compatible with Jekyll.
- README: deep cleanups.
- code cleanups.
- code: more style consistency.
- sqlite: provide offending filename when open fails.
- MANUAL: full refactoring, change format to asciidoc.
- MANUAL: add known issues entry about socktimeout for suspended sessions.
- offlineimap.conf: say what is the default value for the sep option.
- sqlite: provide information on what is failing for `OperationalError`.
- remove obsolete documentation.

Nicolas Sebrecht

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