more on maildir modification times!

Abdó Roig-Maranges abdo.roig at
Wed Mar 25 14:01:05 GMT 2015


Since recent Janna's maxage fixes (25513e90387f60), offlineimap changed
behaviour regarding file modification times.

I skimmed through the commit, and it seems it is enough to store the internal
date in the Maildir filename to make Janna's fix work, and not touch the unix
modification time of the file.

Do you agree? Is there any reason to play games with modification times of the
file and set them to the message internal time?

I'm concerned with this, for two reasons:

1. We already use file modification times to quickly detect label changes on a
   local GmailMaildir. If now we change meaning to the modification times, we
   will be using them with two different meanings. Things will still work, but
   it's kind of ugly.

2. I personally use the modification times to detect modified messages, and run
   some scripts on them. Since Janna's changes, the modification time changed
   meaning, and broke my setup.

If everyone involved agrees, I'd like to make unix modification times always
mean local file modification times. I would not touch the internal date on the
filenames, which is what fixes the maxage thing.

Abdó Roig.

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