Yet another UID validity problem

Nikos Alexandris nik at
Thu Mar 26 15:24:14 GMT 2015

Hi list.

I have been using mutt since for almost a year now, and I am really 
happy with it.  I have had though some mishap, probably due to my 
misunderstanding of how things work. I have described the problem I had 
at <>.

I haven't still took care of it, since it's in a workstation box which 
I don't regularly use for everyday stuff. Some days ago, though, I have 
faced another UID validity problem, in my system with which I work 
almost every day.  The settings in this box are quite similar, if not 
identical, with the "old" box. I'd like to take this step-by-step and 
avoid loosing stuff.

I have found and read a very relevant post: 
However, I'd like to confirm my understanding of how things (will) work.

Should I repost the (old) question from SuperUser here?  Other 
configuration details?

Of course, the manual contains all of the bits (?), but still, wouldn't 
make sense to have some generic approach in the FAQ on what to do when a 
user reads "UID validity problem for folder INBOX"? Something very 
clean, step-by-step, like in Nicolas Sebrech's post?

Thank you, Nikos

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