<DKIM> maxage causes loss of local email

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at SSpaeth.de
Tue Mar 3 09:36:02 GMT 2015

On 02.03.2015 11:28, Nicolas Sebrecht wrote:
> [ Adding Mike, the author of the maxage feature. ]

>> Suppose messages A and B were delivered to the remote folder maxage +
>> 1 days ago, A was downloaded to the local folder maxage + 1 days ago,
>> but B was only downloaded maxage - 1 days ago (contrived scenario to
>> illustrate the two things that could happen). The current behavior is
>> that B gets deleted from the local folder, but A does not.

Sorry, for popping in late. Just from memory. The time stamp of a mail
is supposed to be equivalent on the server and on the local maildir. It
is not supposed to be the download date, but is set to the date of the
mail message, if I remember correctly (without having looked at the
code). So it should not happen that we have an older timestamp on either
the server or the local message, right?

Again, this is just from memory. Sorry, if I am wrong.


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