[offlineimap] sending internal date with incorrect timezone (#186)

Nicolas Sebrecht notifications at github.com
Mon Mar 30 20:26:42 BST 2015

Here is how it works. The code is really straightforward in this area. ;-)

Pushing a mail on remote IMAP is called "APPEND". This is done in the [savemessage() method](https://github.com/OfflineIMAP/offlineimap/blob/next/offlineimap/folder/IMAP.py#L498).

This method applies the date as returned by the [__getmessageinternaldate() method](https://github.com/OfflineIMAP/offlineimap/blob/next/offlineimap/folder/IMAP.py#L422).

The local Maildir does NOT have real INTERNALDATE (as defined by IMAP standard). We fake it with the values taken from the `rtime` parameter (coming from [getmessagetime()](https://github.com/OfflineIMAP/offlineimap/blob/next/offlineimap/folder/Maildir.py#L243), the modification time of the file) and fallback to the header if it looks wrong.

I'm giving you the details because you might want to insert debug `print` statements to get where it might fail. The comments in the code are helpfull.

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