[offlineimap] Unknown namespace on second sync (#269)

John Mastro notifications at github.com
Thu Nov 5 20:12:39 GMT 2015

I'm not an `offlineimap` developer but encountered something similar in the past.

In my case (on FastMail), the issue was that the `Sent` folder on the remote end was actually called `INBOX.Sent Items` (aka it's in the `INBOX` namespace). In fact, for me this applies to all folders - `Archive` becomes `INBOX.Archive` and so on.

Here's the `nametrans` rule I use to prepend local folder names with `INBOX.`:

nametrans = lambda folder: {'inbox'  : 'INBOX',
                            'archive': 'INBOX.Archive',
                            'drafts' : 'INBOX.Drafts',
                            'sent'   : 'INBOX.Sent Items'
                           }.get(folder, 'INBOX.' + folder)

Something like that would go in the configuration for your local repository (the one with `type = Maildir`.

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