<DKIM> [PATCH 2/3] IMAP folder: expose the message keywords

Igor Almeida igor.contato at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 12:03:05 GMT 2015

>>> The IMAP server may not accept the provided keywords.
>> Are you talking about an IMAP -> IMAP sync? If so, that could be true
>> for the destination server, but this patchset does not implement this
>> use case.
> Of course. I'm wondering what would happend if... E.g., the user enable
> the option in the IMAP repository of the configuration.
Right now, nothing. Only MaildirRepository parses the config file to
assemble the dictionary (patch 1/3).

>> In my use case, IMAP -> Maildir, the flags are already there and we're
>> just translating them to lower-case letters.
> Oh, didn't you implement Maildir -> IMAP too?
Not yet, and at first I didn't intend to since my IMAP repository is
configured as readonly, but considering that i'll eventually use notmuch
it will be inevitable.

So maybe __syncmessagesto_flags could check if the Maildir side
(regardless of being source or destination) has a mapping, and use the
reverse mapping if it is the source. Then, to fully support Maildir ->
IMAP, I'd have to check if/how offlineimap currently adds keywords to
messages. Comments welcome.

Igor Almeida

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