<DKIM> [PATCH 2/3] IMAP folder: expose the message keywords

Igor Almeida igor.contato at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 19:39:37 GMT 2015

> Fine! So, I'll merge this topic as soon as documentation is added. :-)
Greta, thanks

>> So maybe __syncmessagesto_flags could check if the Maildir side
>> (regardless of being source or destination) has a mapping, and use the
>> reverse mapping if it is the source. Then, to fully support Maildir ->
>> IMAP, I'd have to check if/how offlineimap currently adds keywords to
>> messages. Comments welcome.
> Keywords aren't supported at all. Doing IMAP -> Maildir is the easy part
> of the full sync.
> Unknown mappings can easily be discarded (if code is not already there).
> For IMAP -> Maildir,
You probably mean Maildir -> IMAP here.

> we have to check if the remote will support each
> keyword. IOW, honor PERMANENTFLAGS.

> Next, we'll want to check if the quick sync will consider keywords as
> expected.
I think this is related to an issue I just encountered: if I delete
~/.offlineimap and ~/Maildir (to perform a clean first-time sync), the
filenames won't get the lower-case letters, even though the status file
in e.g. ~/.offlineimap/Account.../INBOX will show the lower-case
letters... I can't debug right now, though.

Igor Almeida

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