offlineimap realdelete and trashfolder do not seem to behave as expected

Quinn Shanahan quinn at
Sun Oct 11 23:52:43 BST 2015

I have this in my config for the gmail repository:

type = Gmail
realdelete = yes
trashfolder = [Gmail]/Trash

but when I add the T flag in the maildir (using sup) it does not seem to do
anything in gmail. i see this log output when I run offlineimap:

Folder archive [remote name [Gmail]/All Mail] [acc: hc]:
 Adding flag T to 1 messages on [Gmail]/All Mail
Folder [Gmail]/Trash [acc: hc]:
 Syncing [Gmail]/Trash: Gmail -> Maildir

Based on the documentation I thought those settings would translate the T
flag to moving it the trash folder.. is the T flag not the correct way to
do this?

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