[offlineimap] Use mail 'date' as file prefix if using utime_from_header. (#265)

Nicolas Sebrecht notifications at github.com
Wed Oct 28 17:24:27 GMT 2015

About the `_gettimeseq`, I'm too far from the code right now to provide youa usefull answer, sorry. I might have better clues with a new topic patches about that.

For the `file_use_mail_ts` name, I'd say it's ambigous. First, because `ts` is an acronym. Second, because we don't know how the timestamp gets used. Perhaps something like `filename_use_mail_timestamp`.
Overall it's nitpicking. What I do care is having a configuration option marked experimental but the name by itself is not so important while it's not too much exposed to name collision with further potential option names.

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